There is this ancient adage that goes, “Give a dog a bad name and kill it”. We can use this same proverb to illustrate what goes through the minds of prospects when the name of your company or a product you have recently launched is mentioned. The perception people have about your business is as good as the image you have put out there and the time it has taken for it to sink in their minds.

This is why you must take precautionary measures in choosing what goes out there when doing your publicity and marketing campaigns. However, the quality of your publicity materials determines what becomes of your business name.

Your photos, videos, logos, letterheads, complimentary slips, caps, t-shirts, mugs, social media campaigns, events, and any other marketing and communication strategy you might have developed must reflect your values and the tenets of your products/services. If you are going to work with a Brand and Communication agency, what are some of the factors you need to consider before settling on one? Read on to find out what to note down before picking on a brand promotion agency as an appropriate one for your business.

  1. How well do you comprehend the uniqueness of your trade?

It does not matter if you deal in the same products as your competitors and peers. Each company has its philosophy of doing things. Let your brand promotion consultancy agency know of your unique characteristics beforehand from the moment you intend to hire their services. You will be laying the ground for favorable seller-buyer relations in the future.

  1. Know your niche market

What is it that tickles the fancy of your target clients? A brand promotion consultant should help you get the most out of your customers and enhance their loyalty. When designing your publicity campaigns, your brand ambassador must be informed on the effectiveness of such campaigns on the target audience. In the long run, you will spend minimum resources on image promotion while reaping maximum benefits.

  1. Go for the long-term gains

Serious brand consultants avoid quick fixes and are in most cases keen on the use of technology and analytical skills to come up with sustainable solutions to your image and branding needs. Though it might appear big-budget at the beginning, the outcome will leave you very pleased with your bank account balances. 

  1. What’s your ultimate goal?

While business cards and the like are a good way to publicize and promote your brand, it’s not all that matters when looking to make prospects want to associate with your brand. Pick your style of typography, video, photos, and ads and make it precise to the agency that this is what you like and they should work as hard as need be to maintain it. It is never a good idea to flip-flop on your brand manifesto midway in the course of your brand development journey.

  1. Do you need a rebrand?

Start-ups and small businesses indeed need brand growth more than anyone else, but this does not rule out the possibility of an established company finding the need to improve on their brand design or make a complete overhaul of their publicity channels for enhanced brand loyalty and engagement. Always keep track of your brand growth trajectory so that you can know when a rebrand is required.

  1. Are they skilled and experienced in market surveys? 

Go through your brand and PR consultant’s portfolio to ascertain their market research credentials. You will have done better if you make a call to seek explanations on their research methods and how this is going to give you an edge over your completion as well as provide you valuable knowledge on buyer personas. A good brand consultant will also provide you with extras such as how to maximize on your socials and how to settle on a unique selling proposition (USP).

If you are in for the benefits of working with a brand consultancy agency, please feel free to talk to us.